Mycobacterium simiae

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In 1965, Karassova et al. undertook a bacteriological survey of a colony of Macacus rhesus in which disease was prevalent. In 33 of 69 monkeys, they found atypical mycobacteria; 42 strains originated from lymph nodes and 8 from viscera. Of these strains, 9 were originally classified as photochromogenic, but their enzymes were quite distinct from the other known Group I organisms, M. kansasii and M. marinum, and the colonies also differed in that they were small and dysgonic. For the new organism, they proposed speciation as M. simiae.185


Multinucleated Giant Cell Pericardial Cavity Atypical Mycobacterium Colonial Morphology Mycobacterium Kansasii 
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