Treatment of Paget’s Disease with Etidronate Disodium

  • Pierre J. Meunier
  • Alain Ravault


Eighty-eight patients with Paget’s disease were treated with etidronate disodium at an oral dose of 5 mg/kg/d and followed up for an average of 5.2 years. Each course of treatment lasted 6 months and was repeated once or several times. Of the symptomatic patients 75% showed improvement at the end of the follow-up period, whereas 85% of the asymptomatic patients developed no complications that might have been expected if preventive treatment had not been undertaken. Overall, there was clinical deterioration in 28% of the patients during the study. Despite the generally beneficial results, cranial symptoms were not always decreased, and hypoacusis appeared or worsened in some patients. Twenty-three fractures occurred, including eight in pagetic bone, but fracture risk was not increased by etidronate disodium. Extraskeletal side effects were rare. However, there was a delayed exacerbation of bone pain in approximately 12% of patients. This side effect resolved when etidronate disodium was stopped except in one case in which a fracture ensued. Of the patient population 25% were resistant to etidronate disodium; resistance generally appeared between the second and third courses of etidronate disodium treatment. In summary, when etidronate disodium is prescribed over a prolonged period at a dose of 5 mg/kg/d in 6-month courses, the drug improves or stabilizes the condition of three quarters of the patients with Paget’s disease, both clinically and biochemically.


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