Experiences with Porcine and Salmon Calcitonin in the Treatment of Paget’s Disease

  • Stanley Wallach


The development of calcitonin (CT) as the first effective therapeutic agent for Paget’s disease is not just of historic significance but also of current interest as the most effective treatment for Paget’s disease available in the United States. Calcitonin, in fact, has provoked the reawakening of interest in Paget’s disease during the past two decades, 100 years after Sir James Paget’s description in the late 1800s. Agents used in the 1940–1960 era, such as corticosteroids, sodium fluoride, estrogens, and aspirin, have not stood the test of time since none produced the spectacular effects that were so evident with CT. The rapidity, within a decade, with which the discovery of CT was translated into effective treatment by collaboration among basic researchers, clinical investigators, and industrial research and development groups is awesome.


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