Treatment of Paget’s Disease with the New Bisphosphonates

  • John A. Kanis
  • Eugene V. McCloskey
  • Declan O’Doherty
  • Neveen A. T. Hamdy
  • Derek Bickerstaff
  • Monique Beneton
  • Maniccam Thavarajah


The increased availability of the bisphosphonates over the past 15 years has revolutionized the medical treatment of Paget’s disease and also stimulated renewed interest in its surgical management. Etidronate is the most widely available bisphosphonate, and it is against a wide experience of this agent that new bisphosphonates are being evaluated.


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  • John A. Kanis
  • Eugene V. McCloskey
  • Declan O’Doherty
  • Neveen A. T. Hamdy
  • Derek Bickerstaff
  • Monique Beneton
  • Maniccam Thavarajah

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