Sexuality and Physical Disabilities

  • Theodore M. Cole
Part of the Perspectives in Sexuality book series (Persp. Sex.)


Physical disabilities which produce physical handicaps are increasing in frequency. As many as 10% of the general adult population have a physical handicap (Finley, 1972). Types of handicaps include disabilities which have their onset at birth or in early life, those which have an abrupt onset after puberty, disabilities which have progressive courses and begin before puberty, and progressive disabilities which begin after puberty. Examples include arthritis, amputations, deformities, cerebral vascular disease, coronary heart disease, kidney failure and transplant, blindness, deafness, developmental disabilities, paralysis, and disfigurements. In spite of common belief to the contrary, many disabled people report that their disabilities do not alter their sexuality or libido (Richardson, 1972).


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