Male-Female Differences in Sexual Arousal and Behavior During and After Exposure to Sexually Explicit Stimuli

  • Gunter Schmidt
Part of the Perspectives in Sexuality book series (Persp. Sex.)


The latest survey data on male-female differences in sexual behavior in West Germany show two trends (Schmidt and Sigusch, 1971; Sigusch and Schmidt, 1973). Today’s adolescents and young adults have a sex-specific view of sexuality which is clearly related to the traditional sexual gender roles: girls behave sexually as if they had less sexual drive than boys; girls show fewer signs of sexual frustration when they abstain sexually; girls behave as if they should show less sexual initiative than their male partner or at least not more than he; girls behave as if their sexuality is more dependent on love, personal relations, and fidelity than do boys. The stereotype of the less libidinous, less initiativetaking woman whose sexuality can be realized only within emotional and personal relations is still of central importance.


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