Myocardial Imaging with Thallium-201

  • Warren R. Janowitz
  • Denny D. Watson
  • Aldo N. Serafini
Part of the Topics in Cardiovascular Disease book series (TCAD)


Since myocardial imaging was first described in 1962,1 many isotopes of rubidium, cesium, nitrogen, potassium, iodine-labeled fatty acids, and others have been utilized as myocardial imaging agents. Their physical and biological characteristics, however, are not well suited to allow myocardial imaging to be done clinically on a routine basis. The ideal agent would be an isotope with a high photon flux with energies that are easily imaged on a gamma camera and with a physical half-life that will permit distribution and a reasonable shelf life of the product, low radiation exposure, and a high myocardial-to-background uptake ratio. Obviously, this agent should also reflect myocardial blood flow accurately.


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