Scanning Electron Microscopy of the Endometrium

  • E. S. E. Hafez
  • Hans Ludwig


The uterine epithelium plays a major role in the secretion of endometrial fluids that are important for the survival and transport of gametes. Transmission electron microscopy has been used extensively to study the ultrastructure of the endometrium in a variety of animals (Stinson et al. 1962; McQueen, 1964; Kojima and Selander, 1970; Nilsson, 1962b) and man (cf. Wynn, 1967; Lawn, 1973). Functional aspects of the uterine epithelium seem, in some way, to be related to alterations in the fine surface structure of the secretory cells and these alterations can conveniently be studied by scanning electron microscopy. It has recently been applied to study surface ultrastructure of the endometrium of several mammalian species (Hafez, 1975), including man (Johannisson and Nilsson, 1972; Ferenczy et al. 1972; Ferenczy and Richart, 1973; Hafez et al. 1975a,b; Ludwig and Metzger, 1976b).


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  2. 2.Department of Obstetrics-GynecologyUniversity of Essen School of MedicineEssenWest Germany

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