Man-Made Lakes and Problems of Human Settlement in Africa

  • Letitia Obeng
Part of the Frontiers in Human Ecology book series (FHE)


Throughout the world today there is an urgent attempt to attain and maintain a standard of life which is satisfactory and acceptable to us as human beings. For a greater part of the world, and certainly for the part of the world to which I belong, this means simply sustained availability of good food, good health and good shelter. And much national effort and wealth are expended basically on these items, and particularly for good shelter. Provision of satisfactory human settlements is a problem for all countries as it constitutes a pivot around which community structures and therefore social, economic and cultural systems are formed. We of the non-industrialised developing world depend very heavily on our natural resources for the attainment of our type of life — the kind that we want — and therefore we undertake major development projects which are dependent on our land and water resources. We are therefore faced with ecological disturbances which accompany these projects and this is particularly true of river basin development.


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