Concluding Remarks

  • Borje Cronholm


The field covered by the authors and discussants at this conference is very wide indeed and thus, any attempt to integrate the various issues meets with difficulties. The wide variations in background and type of training among the participants may have led to some communication gaps. Conferences like this one offer special challenges for the participants. The psychiatrist finds himself confronted with the highly specific and technical terminology of the neurophysiologist, and the neurophysiologist has to try to understand the complexities and subtleties of the psychiatric language. But it may be these very difficulties which make conferences with participants from many fields particularly rewarding and potentially fruitful, widening the worlds of the researchers, making them appreciate that there are different ways of solving related problems. For that reason, cross-scientific conferences like this one are necessary, and the need will only increase with increasing specialization within each field of inquiry.


Interindividual Difference Psychosomatic Disorder Guilt Feeling Catecholamine Excretion Pavlovian Learning 
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