Consolidation and Growth

The Introduction of Electronic Data Processing
  • G. Miles Conrad


This chapter will be no cliff-hanger! The times of crisis and the long series of emergencies were finally ended, and the continued existence of Biological Abstracts, as either an organization or a periodical, never fell into jeopardy during Miles Conrad’s regime; quite to the contrary, it began to prosper in a remarkably successful manner that has continued ever since. In his advent at Biological Abstracts, Conrad brings to mind the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court created by Mark Twain, in that he introduced a vast amount of superior technolo ical skill and knowledge to an organization whose development had frozen at a somewhat archaic level, especially in today’s terms. To Flynn, Conrad must have seemed like something out of science fiction! When he became director, Conrad at once proceeded to study in considerable depth each department and all its operations, to the last detail, in order to find methods by which it might achieve its maximum efficiency. He wrote well and apparently easily, and his career was regularly punctuated by definitive and articulate reports devoted to every aspect of the operation of Biological Abstracts,present and future, as well as other areas of scientific information. When he needed to “sell” a new idea to the trustees, or to any other group, he first overcame any possible opposition by producing a logical, well-organized, and thoroughly convincing plan in which no one could find loopholes.


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