Coexistence with a Time Bomb

  • Jacob Richard Schramm


With a new and much more economical and readable format, Biological Abstracts continued the coverage of its precursors, Abstracts of Bacteriology and Botanical Abstracts, together with an even greater volume of material never abstracted previously in this country, especially from all branches of zoology, both theoretical and applied. To be sure, some zoological articles that contained material of basic philosophical and biological interest, in cytology, genetics, biochemistry, and similar fields, had actually been abstracted earlier; in fact, in the regulations governing the policies of Botanical Abstracts was a specific statement that the inclusion of abstracts of zoological papers was wholly at the discretion of the section editors, although, of course, this policy had a very subjective, hit-or-miss result. Abstracts of Bacteriology also covered many papers of interest to zoologists, especially in the fields of pathology, epidemiology, and parasitology. However, it is still safe to generalize that the initial issue of Biological Abstracts, which appeared in December. 1926, represented the first regular, systematic, and comprehensive coverage of the zoological literature in America as well as a great improvement m the coverage of botanical and bacteriological literature. This was because of the presence of a full-time staff, the continuous examination of more journals, and the provision for regular publication of indexes of various kinds, which for Botanical Abstracts had for several years fallen by the wayside, simply for lack of funds either to prepare or to publish them.


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