Biological Abstracts/BIOSIS as a Leader in National and International Cooperation

  • William Campbell Steere


From its very conception, Biological Abstracts was planned by the joint committee on publications to be a fully international service. For this reason, Drs. McClung and Schramm were sent for much of the summer of 1924 to several European countries in order to ascertain the attitudes of their European colleagues concerning the establishment of Biological Abstracts as an American enterprise, but with international coverage. With few exceptions, the reactions that they obtained were both cordial and sympathetic, although no positive agreements were reached with relation to a close cooperation between or the possibility of joint operation of Biological Abstracts with some of the parallel or overlapping European abstracting journals. In fact, at the annual meeting of the trustees in 1928, the question of eventual international participation in the control of Biological Abstracts was discussed. However, the subsequent minutes indicate that this idea did not recur, undoubtedly because of the gradual worsening of the financial situation of Biological Abstracts, as well as of the worldwide economy, thanks to the Great Depression of the early 1930s.


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