Postscript: The Seventh Special Session of the UN General Assembly

  • Ken Laidlaw
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In June 1975, at the OECD-DAC High Level Meeting, the German delegate expressing his government’s position on third world demands for a New International Economic Order, stated: “the advanced countries should be prepared to say clearly to the less developed countries that there are points on which they are not in agreement and that the electorate in developed countries is in general in favour of the existing system”. At the Commonwealth Prime Ministers’ Meeting in Jamaica a month earlier, Prime Minister Michael Manley of Jamaica emphasised that “at the heart of the problem of a new world economic order lie two issues. Firstly, how does the political leadership in the developed world convey to its internal political constituency the need for the kind of material accommodation which must be made if we are to commence the assault upon those wide disparities. Secondly, and perhaps this is more subtle, is the problem of political leadership accepting a redefinition of the exercise of sovereignty.”


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