Chemistry and Analysis of Sialic Acid

  • R. W. Ledeen
  • R. K. Yu


The term “sialic acid” first appeared in the literature in 1952 to describe an unusual acidic aminosugar present in gangliosides and submaxillary mucin (Blix et al., 1952). Although the name was new, the substance had been isolated in crystalline form many years before by Blix (1936), and its general properties were already well known by the early 1950s. Other names employed over the years included lactaminic acid (Kuhn and Brossmer, 1956b), hemataminic acid (Yamakawa and Suzuki, 1952), gynaminic acid (Zilliken et al., 1955), and O-sialic acid, but eventually the nomenclature proposal of Blix et al. (1957) was adopted by consensus. This nomenclature designated “neuraminic acid” as the unsubstituted parent structure (Figure 1) and “sialic acid” as the generic term for the family of related derivatives having an acyl group on the amino nitrogen and frequently other substituents elsewhere.


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