A compact modular Marx generator of a unique low inductance design for application in oil or gas insulated systems is described and test results presented.

Marx generator dc charge voltage is 100 kV, balanced with respect to ground. Pressurized gas (sulfur hexafluoride-SF6) switches are employed and each is equipped with a midplane trigger electrode. Resistive trigger coupling of the Marx switches is employed with the first four switches triggered from an external pulse source.

Low Marx inductance is achieved principally as a result of the energy storage capacitors which comprise the Marx stages. Inductance ranges from about 0.6 µH/MV for low voltage reversal Marx applications to about 1 µH/MV for high reversal applications.

Thirty-five stage Marx generators of the described design have been fabricated and used in both gas and oil insulated systems.

In gas, two such Marxes have been used in series in a system developing a peak output voltage of 6.7 MV. In oil, a Marx of the described design, tested into resistive loads, has produced peak voltage greater than 3 MV.

Marx erection timing jitter ranges between 2 and 4 nsec rms for both the gas and oil insulated designs depending upon the percentage of self-fire voltage at which the Marxes are operated.


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