The interest in using large lasers to achieve a very short and intense pulse for generating fusion plasma has provided a strong impetus to re-examine the possibilities of optical pulse compression at high energy.

Pulse compression allows one to generate pulses of long duration (minimizing damage problems) and subsequently compress optical pulses to achieve the short pulse duration required for specific applications. The ideal device for carrying out this program has not been developed.

Of the two approaches considered in this report, the Gires-Tournois approach is limited by the fact that the bandwidth and compression are intimately related, so that the group delay dispersion times the square of the bandwidth is about unity for all simple Gires-Tournois interferometers. The Treacy grating pair does not suffer from this limitation, but is inefficient because diffraction generally occurs in several orders and is limited by the problem of optical damage to the grating surfaces themselves.

Nonlinear and parametric processes have been explored. Some pulse compression has been achieved by these techniques; however, they are generally difficult to control and are not very efficient.


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