Super — Strong Focusing of an Intense Relativistic Electron Beam by an Annular Laser Beam

  • F. Winterberg


It is shown that by the nonlinear transverse radiation pressure within a plasma of a pulsed convergent annular high power laser beam it is possible to focus an intense relativistic electron beam down to a radius of ~ 10−4 cm. The transverse radiation pressure results from the dielectric property of a plasma in conjunction with the phenomena of the self-focusing of intense laser light. The tightly focused electron beams make possible the release of thermonuclear energy by micro-explosions. The components for such a system consisting of a ~ 104 Joule IR laser and a ~ 106 Ampere relativistic electron beams are already available.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • F. Winterberg
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  1. 1.Desert Research InstituteUniversity of Nevada SystemRenoUSA

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