Energy Storage, Compression, and Switching in a Theta-Pinch Fusion Test Reactor

  • Keith I. Thomassen


A new 488 MJ superconducting magnetic energy storage and transfer system is being proposed for a Scyllac Fusion Test Reactor. The 1280 module system uses vacuum interrupters to switch 26 kA storage currents in 0.7 ms through a capacitive transfer circuit at 60 kV to the compression coils in the machine. Many of the components of the system have been built and tested and a prototype section of the machine is planned. Prototype coils with 381 kJ at 26 kA currents will be built by industry using advanced superconducting wire. The wire uses a Cu and Cu-Ni matrix around filaments of Nb-Ti to minimize eddy current losses. These wires are presently used in a 10 kA braided conductor for 300 kJ pre-prototype coils, and can withstand field changes of ~ 107 gauss/sec without inducing normal transitions. Three such 300 kJ coils are being constructed in industry for the LASL program.


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