The Shape Memory Effect in TiNi: One Aspect of Stress-Assisted Martensitic Transformation

  • R. J. Wasilewski


The objective of this paper is to discuss the (irreversible) shape memory effect in TiNi which was first reported by Buehler et al.,some 12 years ago (1). Considerable efforts at developing some applications of this remarkable phenomenon have been made since, and a number of these will be discussed in the subsequent papers at this session. Most of this developmental research had been carried out on an empirical basis, in absence of a fundamental understanding of the phenomenon involved. With hindsight it is clear that this posed a severe handicap both to the engineers involved with this persnickety material, and to the metallurgists or materials science addicts baffled by the apparently irreproducible behavior reported by the engineers. Today it may appear surprising that this effect had been originally ascribed to a stress-assisted compositional change (1,2), and that the first attempt to rationalise it in terms of the martensitic transformation was reported by Zijderveld et al., in 1966 (3). Considering the scanty experimental data then available that hypothesis showed considerable insight.


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