Lattice Softening and the Origin of SME

  • N. Nakanishi


“Lattice softening” or “Soft shear mode” has recently been found in connection with the displacive or martensitic phase transition in thermoelastic alloys and compounds. It is here described that in the β1, (ordered bcc) alloys such as CuAuZn2 and AuCd, the lattice softening appears as a premonitory phenomenon in thermoelastic martensitic transformation and it has an intimate relation to the essential characters (shear mechanism and nucleation) of the thermoelastic martensite. Moreover, the lattice softening is found to be fundamental for understanding the mechanism of the socalled “pseudoelasticity” (superelastic and ferroelastic behaviour), which has been observed to be closely related to SME. The present author suggests that the origin of SME might be contained in the superelastic behaviour, which is a unique stress-strain feature observed upon deformation of both the β1, and martensite phases. In order to make clear the origin of SME, therefore, it is most important to account for the role of lattice softening upon the mechanism of this superelastic behaviour, which basic nature may be due to the existence of coherent boundaries, such as mobile twin or domain boundaries in the martensite crystal and also interfaces between the stress-induced martensite and the β1, (matrix) crystal.


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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryKonan UniversityMotoyama, KobeJapan

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