Neural Modeling: The State of the Art

  • Ronald J. MacGregor
  • Edwin R. Lewis


We have seen in the pages of this book that a considerable amount of neural modeling activity exists and that many valuable accomplishments and contributions have been made. We have seen the establishment of physical theories which describe the essential physicochemical basis of neuroelectric activity. Such physical theories exist for both passive and active neuroelectric events. A general quantitative theory has been established to describe the spatial distribution and propagation of electrical potentials in neurons. Quantitative physically-based models for synaptic processes and receptor action are available. We have seen the establishment of general quantitative techniques and tools for simulating passive and active activity in neurons of arbitrary morphological configuration with a wide range of physiological characteristics. Generalized techniques for analyzing and displaying the characteristics of single and simultaneously recorded trains of action potentials exist, and a variety of workable quantitative tools are available for simulating and studying the dynamic activity of neuronal networks with optional degrees of verisimiltude. Thus, many basic neurophysiological mechanisms are understood with various degrees of certainty and are describable quantitatively, and many powerful and general quantitative tools are available for use in the study of their characteristics and ramifications.


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