Surgical Aspects of Diverticular Disease

  • A. N. Smith


Diverticular disease of the colon has been described as a disease of Western civilization and its causation attributed to a deficiency of dietary fiber by Painter (1970). Most patients who have operations for diverticular disease nowadays have had a preliminary period of management on a high-fiber diet or a hydrophilic colloid, both of which produce bulkier fecal residues. The latter was shown by Hodgson (1972) to produce a lowering of intraluminal colonic pressures. If excessive intraluminal pressure, as emphasized by Arfwidsson (1964) and Painter (1964) is the important factor in the genesis of diverticular disease, it follows that operations for diverticular disease may have to be judged on their ability to reduce this abnormality. As a consequence, some assessment of the length of time for which the operative change is effective would be valuable. Possibly beneficial changes could easily lapse if the patients continued to be exposed after operation to the same conditions as those obtaining before operation.


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