Ion Implantation in Superconductors

  • O. Meyer


The possibility to introduce controlled amounts of impurities into material with the additional advantage to overcome restrictions due to solubility and diffusibility offers an attractive research tool to study near surface properties of material in a systematic manner. Numerous work has been performed in order to study the influence of implanted ions on the physical properties of material and it is well known that the technique of ion implantation is widely used in semiconductor integrated circuit industry. The main topics of a first international conference on this subject (4,5,11,15 etc.) such as implantation modification of superconducting properties, ion induced surface reactions (corrosion science), alloying and migration in high fluence implants, implanted atom location, ion lattice damage together with ion implanted gas build up and implantation simulation of neutron damage reflect the broad spectrum of applicability of ion implantation and promising progress has been obtained in all these fields.


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