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Established in 1970 by a grant from Longwood Foundation Inc. to the American Horticultural Society (A.H.S.), the Plant Records Center (P.R.C,) has made considerable progress towards the development of a national center for horticultural information. The P.R.C. has developed a standardised system for the recording and reporting of information related to plants cultivated within major North American botanical gardens and arboreta. Utilising modern data-processing techniques, the P.R.C. has developed a system of reports or inventories which provide managers of botanical collections with timely inexpensive reports on their living collections. In addition, the P.R.C. offers to its co-operating institutions other services, including keypunching, programming, and statistical processing.

While much of the resources of the P.R.C. is directed towards development of projects related to botanical garden records, the P.B.C. is actively investigating other services. The P.R. C. recently announced its file-researching service to botanists, horticulturists and others. With over 170, 000 records within its data files, the P.R.C. can often direct professionals who are seeking information about particular plants to institutions where the desired plant is reported to be growing. The P.R.C. is also actively investigating the field of “word processing”, to assist those institutions which are engaged in the preparation of recurrent publications, such as indices, directories or registration lists. For the A.H.S., the P.R.C. is developing a system to manage membership (subscription) record files. Once established, this system will be offered as a service to other horticultural organizations located at the A.H.S. headquarters.


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