Displacement Damage in Ne Implanted Magnesium Oxide

  • B. D. Evans


Displacement damage profiles measured for 1-to-4. 8 MeV Ne implantation of MgO agree with LSS energy deposition profiles for doses near 10 cm” . For higher doses, damage profiles appear to penetrate further than anticipated on the basis of LSS. Below 3x10 cm” , for room temperature implants, approximately 100 stable F centers are formed per incident 3 MeV Ne . This defect formation efficiency quickly decreases for high dose, falling to 0.1 per Ne+ by 1017 cm-2 . Following F -center anneal at 600°C, a large deformation related band at 5. 8 eV remains, the intensity of which suggests massive deformation and plastic flow within and near the damage layer. Such plastic flow, releaving stress built-up by high-dose implantation, may be related to the distorted damage profiles.


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