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The Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome

  • Edward W. Humphrey
  • Michael L. Schwartz
  • William F. Northrup
  • Charles A. MurrayIII


Acute respiratory insufficiency, although previously recognized in certain types of extra-thoracic trauma prior to and during World War II, has recently been shown to accompany a wide variety of conditions not primarily involving the chest. In addition to direct damage by penetrating injuries of the chest, burns involving the airway, contustion of the lung, and lung transplantation or reimplantation, pulmonary function may be compromised by fat embolism, high concentrations of oxygen, long term positive ressure respiratory support, intracranial injury, extra-thoracic trauma, and shock of several etiologies. The clinical picture and the histology of the lung changes in each of these conditions is quite similar reflecting the probability that the lung is limited in the response it can produce to damage. Although in a given patient, several of these factors may contribute to the clinical condition, they will be discussed separately.


Pulmonary Edema Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome Interstitial Edema Inhalation Injury Pulmonary Contusion 


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