Homogeneous Catalytic Activation of Hydrocarbons

  • G. W. Parshall


A historical trend has been evident in the reactions of C-H bonds with soluble transition metal complexes over the past decade. The general progression in terms of reactions of increasing difficulty has been I. Ortho-metallation of aromatic rings, II. Substitution of benzene C-H, III. Intramolecular attack on aliphatic C-H, IV. Alkane activation. The work from our laboratory has involved the first three of these topics. Our primary tool has been the study of exchange between D2 and the C-H bonds of organic compounds. Although this is not a generally useful synthetic reaction, it provides a convenient tool for the detection of rapid reversible interactions of potential catalytic importance.


Oxidative Addition Activation Entropy Reductive Elimination Hydride Complex Ortho Hydrogen 
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  • G. W. Parshall
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  1. 1.Central Research DepartmentE. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Experimental StationWilmingtonUSA

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