The Synthesis of Chloroplast Membranes in Pisum sativum

  • R. John Ellis


Chloroplasts are important because they contain the entire enzymic machinery for the process of photosynthesis on which life on this planet largely depends. The extensive literature on the mechanism of photosynthesis is sufficient witness to the interest of biochemists and physiologists in this process. An entirely separate thread of interest in chloroplasts can be discerned. It originated with Strasburger,1 who observed that in some algae, chloroplasts divide and are passed to the daughter cells in cell division, and was strengthened by the genetic studies of Baur2 and Correns3 on the inheritance of chloroplast defects in certain variegated plants. In some cases, defective chloroplasts were found to be inherited in a different fashion than expected from Mendelian principles. Often, the defect was inherited via the maternal line only; this result is explicable in terms of the absence of chloroplasts from the pollen tube. The concept arose that chloroplasts themselves contain genetic material controlling at least part of their development, and are thus genetically autonomous in some sense. The discovery in 1962 that chloroplasts contain both DNA4 and ribosomes5 opened the modern era in which the development of chloroplasts is regarded as being of equal interest to chloroplast function in photosynthesis.


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