Nuclear-Cytoplasmic Interactions in the Biogenesis of Mitochondria in Yeast

  • Ronald A. Butow
  • William F. Bennett
  • David B. Finkelstein
  • Rodney E. Kellems


Studies on the biogenesis of mitochondria have now provided a reasonable evaluation of the degree of mitochondrial autonomy within the cell. Although mitochondria are capable of replicating, transcribing, and translating their genome as processes intrinsic to the organelle, these activities, nevertheless, have an absolute dependence upon macromolecules of extramitochondrial origin encoded by nuclear genes.1–3 It is also evident that the continuity of junctional mitochondria requires the complete, or nearly complete, expression of the mitochondrial genome, for interruption not only of the replication, but the transcription or translation of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) as well, leads to an impairment of mitochondrial activities.4–8 In the case of yeast, we know that this impairment results in the elaboration of a respiratory-deficient phenotype. Considering the extent of mitochondrial dependence on products encoded by nuclear genes, it would be surprising if the mitochondrial and the mitochondria-related nuclear-cytoplasmic systems which function in the development and persistence of the organelle were not subject to some types of coordinate regulation. A full understanding of the extent of regulation requires information on the products contributed by the mitochondrial and nuclear-cytoplasmic systems and the manner in which these products are brought together during mitochondrial development.


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  • William F. Bennett
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  • David B. Finkelstein
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  • Rodney E. Kellems
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