Properties of Gene Conversion of Deletions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

  • Gerald R. Fink


Studies of large numbers of unselected asci in Saccharomyces cerevisiae have shown that gene conversion for heterozygous sites occurs frequently (Fogel and Mortimer, 1969; Hurst et al., 1972). The conversion event is identified by 3+: 1 m or 3m: 1+ ratios instead of the expected 2+: 2m. A number of empirical generalizations have emerged from the conversion studies of Fogel, Hurst, and Mortimer. They are (1) parity — conversions of the type 3+: 1m are equal to the type 3m: 1+; (2) fidelity — new alleles are not produced by gene conversion; (3) coconversion — when two sites within a gene are heterozygous, the alleles convert together as well as separately; (4) absence of marker effects — the conversion frequency for a given heterozygous site is constant, unrelated to its position in the map, and not influenced by other alleles within the gene; and (5) conversion-associated recombination — the frequency of reciprocal recombination for genes bracketing a site at which gene conversion has occurred is about 50%.


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