Transformation of Escherichia coli by Recombinant Plasmid Replicons Constructed in Vitro

  • Stanley N. Cohen


Treatment of Escherichia coli with calcium chloride renders this bacterial species competent for transfection by purified bacteriophage DNA (Mandel and Higa, 1970) and for transformation by plasmid (Cohen et al., 1972) or E. coli chromosomal (Cosloy and Oishi, 1973; Wackernagel, 1973) DNA. Transformation of E. coli by plasmid DNA, which unlike chromosomal DNA does not require a recipient strain defective in the recBC nuclease, has proved to be a useful tool for investigating the genetic and molecular properties of discrete plasmid species, and for introducing nonconjugative Plasmids into specific E. coli hosts in the absence of transducing phage or conjugally proficient transfer plasmids (Cohen et al., 1972; Cohen and Chang, 1973; van Embden and Cohen, 1973; Lederberg et al., 1973; Guerry et al., 1974; Oishi and Cosloy, 1974).


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