Cell Division in Bacteria

  • William Donachie


This discussion will deal with the timing and localization of division in bacterial cells. Cell division involves a number of biochemically different processes which take place co-ordinately both in space and in time. Thus there are interactions between DNA replication and the various lipid, protein and mucopeptide syntheses involved in septum formation. This interaction is so important that it is not possible to discuss cell division without considering DNA replication. Therefore I wish to start by summarizing the way in which DNA replication is controlled in the cell cycle of E. coli (a similar system of control probably operates also in Bacillus subtilis). (Most of the following discussion refers to E. coli B/r/l because it is only in this strain that the timing of DNA replication has been elucidated for a large number of growth condition. However, there is sufficient information available from other strains to make it virtually certain that the same general rules apply to them also.)


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