Comments on the Metallic Conductivity in (TTF)(TCNQ) Complex


Relating to the subject of this seminar, an interesting topic has been reported(1,2) and discussed(3,4) by many groups, that is, large magnitude of metallic conductivity was measured in (TTF) (TCNQ)* charge transfer complex. Especially as high as 106 (Ω-cm)−1 a peak value was reported, as shown in Fig. 1, by a Penn. group (2) (L.B. Coleman, M.J. Cohen, D.J. Sandman, F.G. Yamagishi, A.F. Garito and A.J. Heeger, here after denoted by CCSYGH), and they ascribed this exceedingly large conductivity to one-dimensional superconducting fluctuations.


Fermi Surface Debye Temperature Superconducting State Phonon Spectrum Charge Transfer Complex 


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsKyushu UniversityFukuoka, 812Japan

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