Biological Technology—Plea for a New Commitment

  • George T. Tsao


The 1940’s and the 50’s are said to be the age of nuclear physics; the 60’s the age of space. The 1970’s and 80’s and beyond may very well be the age of biochemistry and molecular biology. That is the age when medical scientists will overcome the last few deadly diseases such as cancer and heart failure. That is the age when biochemists will learn to manipulate genetic engineering to produce food bearing, fast growing plants and meat animals. That is the age when highly nutritious and tasty synthetic food will be made from extracts of leaves and wastes. That is the age when enzymes will be broadly used as catalysts for chemical synthesis that creates no pollutants and wastes no energy. That is the age when solar energy can be absorbed via biochemical conversion to produce hydrogen and liquid fuel. BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY comprises the skill and the know-how necessary for implementing the above-mentioned for increased productivity and well being of the people of this country.


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