Film Waveguides and Zig Zag Waves

  • P. K. Tien


Film-waveguides are the basic structures for both the passive and active devices in integrated optical circuits. The physical principles involved in these waveguides and other related thin-film structures, coupled with those of the modern laser electronics, form the foundation of this new and exciting field of integrated optics. This lecture is to provide a physical picture of the waves in film-waveguides and of their formation into a waveguide mode. For this, we introduce the concepts of zigzag waves1,2,3 and describe the various properties of such waves based on ray and wave-optics. After having gained some familiarity with these waves, we will show how these concepts can be used advantageously to solve the problems of thin-film optics.


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  1. 1.Bell Telephone Laboratories, IncorporatedHolmdelUSA

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