Sb-Implanted Aℓ Studied by Ion Backscattering and Electron Microscopy

  • G. J. Thomas
  • S. T. Picraux


Ion channeling and backscattering techniques, in conjunction with transmission electron microscopy, have been used to study the Sb-implanted Aℓ system at high fluences (~ 1 at.% Sb). Implantations of 200 keV Sb into single crystal Aℓ samples were carried out at room temperature and at 300°C to fluences of 5 x 1015/cm2. Extensive Aℓ lattice disorder is present in the room temperature implant, whereas little disorder is present after 300°C implantation, Upon annealing of room temperature implanted samples, Aℓ defect clusters produced during implantation were removed before reaching 150°C; Sb clustering within the implanted region occurred at ~ 250°C and cluster breakup was observed above 400°C. In contrast, implantation at 300°C produced triangular precipitates which were aligned with the Aℓ lattice and exhibited diffraction consistent with the AℓSb structure. Thus, the importance of temperature during implantation for achieving compound phase formation by ion implantation is demonstrated.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • G. J. Thomas
    • 1
  • S. T. Picraux
    • 1
  1. 1.Sandia LaboratoriesAlbuquerqueUSA

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