Ion Beam Studies of Metal-Metal and Metal-Semiconductor Reactions

  • J. W. Mayer


Backscattering techniques allow determination of elemental composition as a function of depth with typical values of depth resolution of 100 to 300Å. The technique is ideally suited to measurements in thin film systems of thicknesses of several thousand Angstroms and has provided a basis for examination of thin film interactions. This presentation is intended as an introduction to the papers presented in this session of the conference. These papers represent examples of the type of studies carried out in this field: interdiffusion and mixing between thin metal films, and reaction kinetics and silicide formation in systems composed of metal films deposited on Si or SiO2. These studies involve solid-solid diffusion and reactions since the process temperatures are below the eutectic. Although backscattering techniques provide depth-microscopy, supplemental measurements are often required to establish lateral uniformity and the relative importance of grain boundary and bulk diffusion.


Compound Layer Bulk Diffusion Depth Resolution Thin Metal Film Lateral Uniformity 
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