Neonatal Renal Tumors

  • J. F. K. Mancer


The tumor registry at the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) from 1924 to 1972 lists 43 renal tumors which presented when the patient was less than one year of age. Of the six tumors that presented in the neonatal period (when the patient was less than one month of age), five belonged to the entity known variously as fetal mesodermal hamartoma (FMH), congenital mesoblastic nephroma, or leiomyoma of the kidney. The five patients with FMH are all alive, free of tumor and have had follow-up studies made at periods ranging from 19 months to 13 years. The sixth neonatal tumor, a Wilms’ tumor, was an incidental post mortem finding in a premature infant who died of hyaline membrane disease. The other 37 patients all had Wilms’ tumor.


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