Defect Aggregation in Ion-Implanted GaAs

  • G. W. Arnold
Part of the The IBM Research Symposia Series book series (IRSS)


An (hν)2 dependence of the ion-Implantation induced near-band-edge optical attenuation on photon energy has been measured in GaAs. This relationship is observed for relatively high Xe+ ion fluence and ion flux levels and is more readily induced at elevated implant temperatures. The present optical attenuation results are analogous to those previously observed for heavily neutron irradiated GaAs. The dependence of the (hν)2 relationship on fluence, flux, and ion-implantation temperatures lends strong support to a model for which scattering and absorption is due to the formation of metallic-like defect aggregates. This dependence is not observed for low fluence Xe+ ion implantation or for heavy proton implantation.


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