Ion Implantation and Radiation Damage in Vanadium

  • G. Linker
  • M. Gettings
  • O. Meyer
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Single crystal vanadium has been implanted with Ga, Bi, In, Cs, Se and Kr ions in the energy range between 40 and 300 keV and doses in the range 1014–1017 ions/cm2. Implanted samples were analysed with the backscattering and channelling technique. Damage produced was found to be considerably lower than in elemental semiconductors and only a relatively small dependence on energy and dose was detected. The depth of damage, which was considerably greater than the projected range of the implanted ions was found to be dependent only on the total amount of defects. A strong substitutuional component dependence on the atomic radii of the implanted ion was observed for doses up to 1016 ions/cm2. Enhanced room temperature solubilities of Ga in vanadium were achieved with the implantation technique. Good single crystal material was observed in the range of the implanted ions. For higher doses and for Ga implants on heat treatment a formation of a polycrystalline layer in the surface region occured. A break up of this layer for temperatures higher than 1000° C was accompanied by a total loss of implanted constituent. A broad annealing stage independent of the ion species was observed for the radiation damage between 550° and 900° C.


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  • G. Linker
    • 1
  • M. Gettings
    • 1
  • O. Meyer
    • 1
  1. 1.KernforschungszentrumInstitut für Angewandte KernphysikKarlsruheDeutschland

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