Some Consequences of the Present Energy Policy

  • J. O’M. Bockris
  • Z. Nagy


The continued burning of the fossil fuels to obtain our energy needs has several effects, each appearing on a different time scale. The one threatening us in the shortest time is understandably the most well known. This is the fouling of the atmosphere with smog-forming materials which is causing an immediate and increasing health hazard for the population in most industrial towns. Such effects are occurring wherever there are big cities. The basis of such effects is the incomplete burning of the fossil fuel, resulting in carbon monoxide and unsaturated hydrocarbons. Also, other side products of the energy-producing reaction, like nitrogen oxides, sulfide dioxide, and soot, are present. The main polluters are our oil- and coal-burning generating plants and cars. Pollution arising from these sources has been newspaper material since the late 1960’s.


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