Ecology and Electrochemistry

  • J. O’M. Bockris
  • Z. Nagy


In November of 1971, twenty-three large industrial plants were ordered to cease operation in Birmingham, Alabama, by a U.S. Court because of imminent health hazard to the population of the area due to air pollution. In major cities, an “air pollution index” is routinely given in the weather report just like the temperature. The daily papers devote considerable space to ecologically oriented news and columns. This attention given to pollution and the future of man is a sudden thing. In the early sixties, air pollution was considered a peculiarity of Los Angeles, and newspapers were devoid of references to ecology. By 1970, they were full of them. The problem is not likely to leave us. The pollution of our waterways has occurred before our eyes to such an extent that the collected trash and waste on and in them constitute a fire hazard. In the summer of 1969, a river (the Cuyahoga in Ohio) actually did catch fire.


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