Drug Metabolism in Normal and Disease States

  • A. H. Conney
  • B. Craver
  • R. Kuntzman
  • E. J. Pantuck


The concept that most patients have the same response to the usual therapeutic dose of a given drug is a plausible but dangerous myth. People differ in their responsiveness to drugs because of differences in receptor sensitivities, because of differences in the absorption and transport of drugs to their receptors, and because of individual differences in rates and pathways of drug metabolism. Table I shows that marked interindividual variations in steady-state blood levels and half-lives occur in different individuals receiving the same dose of a drug. In a recent study, bishydroxy-coumarin, antipyrine, and phenylbutazone were administered successively to seven sets of identical twins and seven sets of fraternal twins (Vesell and Passananti, 1971; Vesell et al., 1971); the range of plasma half-lives was tenfold for bishydroxycoumarin, threefold for antipyrine, and sixfold for phenylbutazone. These marked variations were attributed to genetic factors, since they were greater in the fraternal twins than in the identical twins. Similar results have been obtained in twins during studies with nortriptyline (Alexanderson et al., 1969).


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