A Modern View of Pharmacokinetics

  • John G. Wagner


Publication of the mathematics of accumulation in the one compartment open model by Widmark and Tandberg (1924) and the two papers on the two-compartment open model by the organizer of this conference, Professor Torsten Teorell (1937), were the origins of pharmacokinetics. Many of us who have studied the literature of pharmacokinetics have been amazed at the insight and foresight embodied in Professor Teorell’s two papers. The classical one- and two-compartment open linear models have withstood the test of time, achieved accurate assessment of rates of absorption, metabolism, and excretion when applied to certain specific drugs, and been very useful for predictive purposes. Undoubtedly in the future these classical models will continue to be as useful as they have in the past. These classical pharmacokinetics models are based upon systems of linear differential equations, which may conveniently be integrated using Laplace transforms. Kinetic linearity was defined by Krüger-Thiemer (1968a) as direct proportionality of transfer rates to concentrations or concentration differences.


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