The Role of the Lungs in the Metabolism of Vasoactive Substances

  • John R. Vane


The lungs are in an excellent and strategic position for cleansing the blood, for it all passes through them several times a minute. Apart from their respiratory function (removing carbon dioxide from the pulmonary circulation), the lungs also have other important cleansing mechanisms, including phagocytosis by alveolar macrophages, the filtering of emboli and circulating leucocytes, and excretion of other volatile substances (Said, 1968; Heinemann and Fishman, 1969). Work from my laboratory in recent years has highlighted the less widely appreciated but probably equally important function of the lungs: the removal of some vasoactive hormones from blood and the synthesizing of others. This paper will bring earlier reviews up-to-date (Vane, 1968; 1969).


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