Scanning Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis

  • H. N. Southworth


This chapter deals with a number of techniques which have been specially tailored to provide a particular kind of information. The major emphasis has been laid on techniques for the quantitative chemical analysis of typically micron-sized volumes using principally electron beams as the exciting radiation, and also as the detected radiation in some cases. This concept of ‘microanalysis’ has, somewhat unconventionally, been extended to include techniques for investigating surfaces, which is a very new and important field. Associated with many of the techniques described are some novel ways of imaging the specimen using electrons, X-rays, or ions. This combination of elemental analysis with surface microscopy is especially important in enabling the composition of a phase to be related to the microstructure or texture of the material. Thus it may be important to know not only the percentage of a given metal present in an ore, but also how it is distributed and hence whether its extraction is likely to be commercially feasible. For example, knowledge of the way in which the sulphides of zinc and lead are intergrown in a mixed lead-zinc ore will determine the feasibility of separating the two phases by froth flotation.


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