Non-Critical Rayleigh Scattering from Pure Liquids

  • C. J. Oliver
  • E. R. Pike
  • J. M. Vaughan


The spectrum of light scattered by a non-critical pure liquid contains both Brillouin components, shifted from the centre frequency, and a non-shifted Rayleigh component. Acoustic phonon scattering gives rise to the Brillouin lines which are typically shifted by a few GHz from the laser line. Isobaric entropy fluctuations give rise to the non-shifted Rayleigh component whose width depends on the thermal diffusivity of the liquid. The half-width at half-height of the Rayleigh line is given by
$$\Gamma \left( {{\rm{radiance/sec}}} \right) = \frac{\Lambda }{{{\rm{C}}_{\rm{p}}^{\rm{*}}}}{\left( {{\rm{2n}}\,{{\rm{k}}_{\rm{o}}}\,{\rm{Sin}}\frac{{\rm{\theta }}}{{\rm{2}}}} \right)^2},$$
where ko is the magnitude of the incident wave vector,θ the scatter­ing angle, n the refractive index, C p * the specific heat per unit volume and Λ the thermal conductivity. The thermal diffusivity de­pends on the specific heat and the thermal conductivity and is given by Λ/C p * .


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  • C. J. Oliver
    • 1
  • E. R. Pike
    • 1
  • J. M. Vaughan
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  1. 1.Royal Radar EstablishmentMalvern, WorcsUK

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