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Lithium in Mania: Clinical Trials and Controlled Studies

  • Frederick K. Goodwin
  • Michael H. Ebert


The chapter reviews the major studies of lithium as a treatment for the manic phase of manic-depressive illness. It is not our purpose here to catalogue every one of the more than 40 studies and clinical reports dealing with the lithium treatment of over 1000 patients which have appeared in the world literature since the original discovery of lithium’s antimanic properties more than 20 years ago (Cade, 1949). Rather, we will review the major open and single-blind studies and then focus on two groups of recent controlled studies comparing lithium to placebo and to chlorpromazine in the treatment of mania. In addition to their obvious practical significance, the recent studies comparing lithium to chlorpromazine are of special importance because they bear on the question of the specificity of lithium against the manic syndrome—a question that has theoretical implications for the underlying pathophysiology of mania.


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  • Michael H. Ebert
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