The Heterotroph Hypothesis and High School Biology

  • Claude A. Welch


Theory is finally coming of age in biology. It was to the physical sciences that philosophers invariably turned when they discussed the role of theory as a source of fruitful and generative ideas leading to new experiments and revolutionary concepts. But the biologists have broken loose from their routine role of description and classification. They are caught up in the exciting interaction of facts and ideas and this relatively new affection “has changed their complexion”--to paraphrase an old song. Broad explanatory theories and conceptual schemes have finally crept into biology, but it has been only slightly more than a century that the three major concepts--cell theory, evolution theory, and gene theory--have attained operational respectability. This “operational respectability” however, has not come easily in respect to evolution theory, particularly in the American secondary schools. Evolution, especially Darwinian natural-selection, is still a bete noire in a sizable portion of American high schools. But the corner has been turned, and new directions for high school biology are in process.


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